‎FOR MEN: Wide ties or Slim ties?

‎During the last decade, the go-to tie has drastically changed from the traditional wide ties to the new school\\’s slim ties. Why so? Well because there was a push to look more stylish and the slimmer ties was seen as the answer.
The slim ties were originally won‎ by coal miners back in the 60s but a few musicians picked up the style and made them popular as their fans wanted to look like their favourite icons. The wide ties are finding their way back to the fore of men\’s fashion today as a number of young chaps today are going back to the style of years past; giving them that very retro, classy and matured look.
Slim or wide, the choice is yours. There are however few pointers you must consider because there is a thin line between stylish and looking like you are wearing a shoestring. First of all, you have to match the width of you lapel with the width of your tie. You should not wear a slim tie when your lapel is much wider.
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