4 things a lady shouldn’t do before she officially gets married


There is this unexplainable excitement that comes with being in love especially when the person exhibits most of the qualities you want in a partner. Then comes the big question “will you marry me?” after years or months of hanging out. This is the dream of most ladies, their world becomes magical and everything they see plants a smile on their face.
Well, being in a serious relationship is fun but certain boundaries should be set to avoid stories that touch the heart.
1.      Don’t move in with him
For the simple fact that he has proposed to you doesn’t make him your husband. Some men propose and after few hours, they change their mind. People are different and we all handle issues differently. Moving in with him might hamper his seriousness to go on with the wedding plans since what he is going to pay for is already in his house. Just the way you moved is the way you will move out.
2. Don’t change your relationship status
Some ladies change their status on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to ‘married’ when he doesn’t even know the way to your parent’s house. He only said ‘will you marry me? Not ‘I have married you.’ Keep cool and allow him come for you.
3.      Don’t have unprotected sex
If you two are already sexually involved, try and avoid unprotected sex, unless you want a baby bump pushing its way through your wedding gown on your wedding day. Protected sex prevents sexually transmitted diseases and keeps you safe in case he decides to walk away.
4.      Don’t wear a wedding ring
I have heard of some ladies who bought rings for themselves because he was taking so much time getting them one. Haba! Is that how desperate you are? Allow him buy the ring when he is ready after all he did the proposing.