Red is sexy! It is the colour of vitality, ambition and power. So we can boldly say that red is hot!   Happily
Red is romantic and sexy!  No wonder it’s the colour of the Heart and Valentines.  Here are 5 ways to work colour red into your lifestyle.

Hot lips: A red-coloured lip is enough to make a dull face wake up and sparkle. Red lips are sexy and attractive and makes a whole lot of difference to your otherwise simple outfit. So if ever there is a day you aren’t feeling the most confident or sexy, mask it with a little of red!
The daring air and sex appeal of Red Lips certainly spices up and adds drama to your look. What’s more, it looks fabulous on women of all ages and complexions. Try the MAC ruby woo for that perfect matt finish and spicy fierce vibe.

Toe nails: what can be sexier than bright red nail polish peeking out of toe sandals?
Red is such unique colour that never loses its charm and its one of the hottest trends when it comes to nail polish.
Red nails never goes out of fashion. It makes you feel fresh, self-confident and shows you’re not afraid to be dramatic.
The bold, look-at-me colour of bright red nail polish makes every woman feel sexy and vibrant. Try the OPI Nail Polish Big Apple Red for a glossy smooth finish.

Put the red in your hair: when you choose the right balance of red for your hair, your look is instantly transported from plain jane to va-va-voom! Choose the most flattering, natural looking and best shade of red hair for your skin tone.
Be it the natural hair or human hair extension, adding red to hair is fun, sexy and effervescent.

Dress it:  A red dress instantly gets you noticed.
From simple silhouettes, thigh-high slit to daring neckline, or revealing back detail, red dresses are fiery and sexy.

A red belt:  That elegant red belt is an accessory to liven up a plain dress. It can create a whole new meaning to an outfit. Whether it’s a slim or chunky belt, coordinating it with your attire adds verve and life.

So when next you want to look sexy, bold and sophisticated, think red!