7 Beauty tips for men


While growing up as a kid, my dad barely shaved his armpit; it was most times covered with hairs of different shapes and sizes. I always wondered what they were used for! This brings us to the topic of discussion. When beauty tips is mentioned, women are the first to come to mind. Although men don’t grow their hair down to their shoulders, wear make up and paint their nails. That doesn’t mean they can’t take care of their skin. Men most times, spend barely 10 minutes grooming each morning; some don’t even apply lotion on their skin, while some go as far as using bar soap for bathing. They think it’s a woman’s thing.

To explain what am talking about, let’s look at seven beauty tips men can apply.

  1. NAILS.

Men have the ideology that only women should groom and trim their nails but what they fail to understand is that ladies get to know the neat and dirty guy through their nails.  Some men go as far as chewing their nails indiscriminately; this is not healthy for the nails. Rather than chew the nails, use a nail clipper and trim them frequently.


Not only women use hair conditioner, men do too. For those who keep hair, conditioners contain an ingredient called catonic surfactants that have the potential to cleanse hair because of their detergent-like qualities. When combined with water, they can help rinse away dirt and bacteria. Conditioner might not wash as clean as shampoo but it can leave your hair smelling really nice all day long.


Washing the face twice daily especially before going to bed helps remove pollutants and some dirt collected on the face during the day. This seems like myths to some people, but its effect is countless. Men naturally have harder skin than women and since they don’t make up to protect their face from sunrays. Washing the face daily helps keep the face clean and fresh.


Skin moisturizers are not just for women alone, men can use it as well. It has been scientifically proven that some moisturizers with have anti-ageing properties like antioxidant and those with aleo vera properties can help skin healing. According to a Dermatologist Vic A. Narurkar, MD, he said: “Moisturizing your legs is particularly important and something many men don’t think about. Chronic dry skin, or xerosis, of the legs can exacerbate eczema and cause skin to turn a brownish, woody color as you get older.”


Am sure you won’t want to stand in front of that pretty lady you have had an eye on looking like a ‘Rastafarian’. Have your beards shaved with good shaving cream. Don’t forget to also shave your armpit in case you have to lift your hands to wave at someone. You know what I mean! Let that lady see you and appreciate you neatness. Shaving gives you a charming and captivating look.


This is the removal of dead skin cells on the outer surface of the skin, leaving your skin radiant and smooth. This can be done on the face and the body as well. So if you want that skin dazzling like a newborn baby, learn to exfoliate.


Smelling good and nice is good business. No lady would want to stand in front of a man who smells like stench. Some men care less about what they smell like after all who cares? Well, she cares if you care to know! When a man smells nice, he attracts the lady of his dreams. Go to a good cosmetics shop and get a good perfume.

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