Over the years, men have looked for ways to increase and maintain libido without success. This has become more relevant in recent times as a result of complaints from the women. In order to attain this goal of meeting up to your sexual needs, many have invested on many drugs with no result. However, Mother Nature did not leave us in the dark as to the solutions.

Food is a necessary pastime for growth. This need is important to sustain both life and health. Here are some of the foods that will help you fulfill your sexual needs.

Oysters have over the years served as a nourishing food source. This delicious food is rich in Zinc, iron, calcium, Selenium, Vitamin A and B12. This nutritious tropical seafood is largely regarded by the locals as an aphrodisiac because of its efficacious nature.

This is very true because Oysters contain amino acids and zinc, which improves sex hormone and facilitates increased testosterone production in the body. Oysters are indeed the super libido booster. Zinc, iron, calcium, selenium, vitamins A, b12 and amino acids all help boost sex hormones and improve body the system.

A native North America flowering plant called Blueberry is known to contain nitric oxide, which is a key factor in the regulation and control of blood pressure. Blueberry contains phytochemicals, anthocynins and soluble fibre known for its ability to reduce and remove excess cholesterol from the blood. This allows the free flow of blood, which enhances sexual performance. The same is applicable to raspberries and strawberries.

 Watermelon is another sweet appetizing fruit termed a natural Viagra because it is rich in amino acid (citrulline), which is known to dilate and relax blood vessels. It is also rich in potassium, phytonutrients lycopene, and beta-carotene. This delicious fruit is everyone’s delight and importantly, watermelon is a low calorie food.

Peanut Butter has been identified to boost female sexual drive. This is because it is rich in mono-saturated fat known to increase the hormone called Dopamine. This helps in the widening of the blood cells and increase flow of blood (which is good for sex). Just like peanut, raw celery and clove have been found to be effective in boosting sexual performance. Celery contains a male hormone known to attract women; it’s also called aldosterone and has low calories. Even clove is also recommended as a natural sex booster. This is because it improves the flow of blood to all parts of the body. This is especially so because during sex, clove can help steady the flow of blood to the genitals and enhance sexual performance.


Wheat germ is good for the body. It is also called the sex booster because it contains L-arginine, an Amino acid that increases the circulation of blood to the body organs. A new study has shown that bed-cabbage can be used as a sex booster. Croatian Nutritionist Dr. Legla Kazinic Kreho told the Austrian Times “The knowledge collected at King’s College shows pickled cabbage is the best Viagra. It may be hard to believe that Sauerkraut is one of the most powerful aphrodisiac, but the British data is conclusive”

Eat cabbage twice a day to improve your sexual stamina. Cashew and granola can also do wonders for your sexual needs.


Sweet potatoes, eggs, pumpkin seeds, wild salmon, sardines, sesame seed and dark chocolate have all been proven to boost sex. This is a fact because they are rich in nitric acid, zinc, phytochemicals, amino acids, potassium, beta- carotene, allacin, folic acid and many more sex boosters. Hype your sexual drive; eat your way to happiness!


Source: Alexander Thandi Ubani

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