There is a reccuring trend among young men today when it comes to facial hair. Man are resulting in keeping full bearded looks instead of a clean shave. Made popular my american rapper rick ross as his signature look many years ago, this trend has however refused to be a thing of the past. what is the reason for this?
For the ladies
Women like to stroke their man’s beards just as they love a man with chest hair and studies have also shown that majority of women like men who have full beards. They see them as sexier and more attractive than men on clean shaves and would prefer to date a man with a beard over one who was clean-shaven.
Some researchers have found that men with beards can be dominant, aggressive, more competent and have better personalities. These are good characteristics to have as a man hoping to command respect.
There is this very cool ‎swag you get with beards that makes you look trendy, classy and sophisticated. When you enter a room, everyone sees you as a boss and immediately accord you some respect.
Not two things however, its is not advisable to keep your full beards when attending a job interview. Interviewers  are looking for more of team palyers other than a dominant character. Also, full beards are not meant for all men so tread carefully.