Costume Jewelry or Fine Jewelry? How you can enjoy the best of both worlds.


Costume Jewelry is made primarily of inexpensive plate based metals dipped in or sprayed with a thin coat of gold, silver or platinum and set with simulated gemstones. Fine Jewelry on the other hand is made from authentic and solid based metals and real precious stones.

The question of Costume Jewelry v. Fine Jewelry is one of variety and versatility v. quality and durability. I’ve only recently started to add fine jewelry to my collections. I do however still wear lots of Costume Jewelry, the question is,  which is the right choice?




  1. Fine Jewelries lasts for years and are often passed down as heirlooms, whereas Costume Jewelry may chip or fade after a few wears.


  1. Costume Jewelry comes in wide array of assortments and styles, with materials like leather, plastic, rubber or wood incorporated to reflect both designers and customer’s tastes.


  1. Costume Jewelry is available in an extensive price range while Fine Jewelry prices are comparatively high.


  1. Due to its longevity, Fine Jewelry can develop sentimental value. The first “real” piece of jewelry you received from your mother or your engagement ring always evoke the memories of the occasions on which they were received and those they have graced since then.


  1. Costume Jewelry can be very trendy and eccentric, which requires frequent purchases or replacements. They are sometimes made with materials that can irritate the skin.


The choice depends on what you want from your jewelry. However, with the different qualities available, Costume Jewelry is bound to be the main component of the average fashionista’s jewelry box. Except for royals, Fine Jewelry collection often comes with age, even movie stars borrow their red carpet jewelry. Perhaps it needn’t be all or nothing. Your collection should comprise of a mix of both Costume and Fine Jewelry.

The good news is, you can actually enjoy the best of both worlds:

  1. Invest in a few good pieces of Fine Jewelry. Buy a few “staples” such as hoops or a nice bracelet in good quality which can be worn widely and will last for much longer. A special little piece of expensive jewelry can give you the tingles just to look at.


  1. You can buy “bridge jewelry” which, as the name suggests, is a bridge between Costume Jewelry and Fine Jewelry.


  1. You can also buy good quality Costume Jewelry which is much more resistant to wear and tear than its cheaper counterparts. For lovely pieces of high quality Costume Jewelry, check out designers such as Lauren Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Jay Lane, and Tory Burch.


  1. If you are not averse to pre-owned items, you can also buy a more affordable used Fine Jewelry.


  1. Finally, in order to make Costume Jewelry last longer, you can store your jewelry properly in a cool dry place. You can also protect it by spraying with a layer of clear gloss, coating it with a layer of clear nail polish or using a soft sterling silver polishing cloth to give it a shine.


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