Dangerous Panty Liner

Before delving into the cons of panty liners, what exactly are panty liners? Panty liners are mini pads used by women to absorb daily vaginal discharges, light menstrual flow or urine leaks. They are a lot thinner than the regular sanitary pad that is why they are not to be used when on heavy flow. Many women use them to avoid embarrassment that blood stains on their skirt could cause. These little pieces are life savers any given day but could also be danger to those who use them.
You will be doing yourself a lot of bad if you wear panty liners every time. Panty liners tend to trap moisture and heat in between your thighs and this could invite bacterial and fungal infections.
Many a times, you will wear your panty liners all through the day, leaving it on even when wet. This is detrimental to your genital hygiene. Bacteria grow better and faster in wet, high temperature areas so you run the risk of having irritation which could. Be uncomfortable.
The back of your panty liner is made of plastic which means air wouldn’t pass through. This can result in heat and moisture around your genitals.
My advice however is you reduce your use of panty liners. You can reduce your dependence on panty liners with kegel exercises, lifestyle changes or even medication. If you must use panty liners, don’t keep them on for too long; always carry a spare or two with you on your way out.
Make sure you are comfortable when you put them on. Panty liners come in different sizes and many today have sweet scents you can‎ choose from.
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