“Do Something” is not even my first official single – Chocolate City’s Koker


Olayiwola Kokumo a.k.a Koker a.k.a Mr Do something, a graduate of University of Lagos is the act behind hit track “Do something”. He sat down with St Eve Magazine over the weekend to talk about growing up, Chocolate City and materials he is working on.

St Eve: How did the name “Koker” come about?
Koker: Koker is my stage name but my real name is Olayiwola Kokumo.  Back then in secondary school my friends came up with nicknames using my surname. They called me different things like Koks, Koker e.t.c but Koker kinda stuck.
St Eve: What state do you hail from?
Koker: I am from Ogun State.
St Eve: Tell us about your family and growing up for you.
Koker: I am from a family of four, First boy. Growing up in Lagos was fun , I was heavily influenced by the music our Parents listened to then, The Ebenezer Obeys, Shina Peters, King Sunny Ade. That played a major role in the emergence of my sound as you can hear  in “Do Something’.
St Eve: Have you ever worked anywhere?
Koker: Used to work in the House of Lord.  RCCG to be precise.  Apart from That, I have been fully committed to my music since I left school.
St Eve: Did you envisage the success “do something” is having now?
Koker: The acceptance has been encouraging and we hope and believe that it can get bigger.
St Eve: Who wrote “Do something”?
Koker: I wrote ‘Do Something ” myself.
St Eve: Does “Do something” capture the style of music you are going to be doing or there is more to koker?
Koker: There is  definitely more to Koker. I Have dancehall songs, Regular Afrobeat but “Do Something” is more like the direction I am heading with my sound at the moment.
‎St Eve: You set a high standard for yourself and your career, can you stay up and be even better?
Koker: The Plan is to get even better, We are working hard to break barriers and ceilings with the music.
St Eve: How did chocolate city record label happen?
Koker: I did the hook for a song tittled eleto with chocolate city artiste ‘Pryse’ and since then I gradually grew to become part of the family . Then at some point, I wanted to start doing my own thing and push my music then I called a graphic guy that works in chocolate city to help me do an artwork. He played my song for almost every body in the office and they loved it then I started getting phone calls from them showing  interest but it was not official yet. I later recorded another song with M.I on his recently released chairman album tittled ‘rich’. At that point, things started getting serious so we had a listening, they loved my works and the rest is history like they say…
St Eve: How has the experience been for you so far in Chocolate City?
Koker: It has been a great learning experience for me. In CC, we are really just a big family working together trying to achieve our individual and collective goals. There is a great amount of Love , respect and just general goodness in our unit and it is truly beautiful, humbling and fulfilling.
St Eve: How has the reception been from the industry, media and fans?
Koker: I am very grateful, because “Do something” is not even my first Official single , I’m yet to even drop an official single and the acceptance has been super encouraging. I promise to work harder and not let anyone that believes in me and my music down.
St Eve: Is there anyone or anything that motivates you?
Koker: The desire to truly break through with my sound.  My parents have been super encouraging too, That motivates me.
St Eve: There are a lot of new acts around and they are all working to get successful just as you. What should we be expecting from you in the near future?
Koker: I don’t think I am even where I want to be yet but I am humbled by the acceptance so far but I do realize that there is still a lot of work to be done and I am mentally prepared for it. I am already working on my next  single, which will be my first official single, I already have recorded more than 30 songs.
St Eve: Is fashion something you like to keep up with or you not so into it?
Koker: I match my fashion with my sound, I am more into traditional outfits, we are even working on developing a Dashiki line. My music and my fashion aptly propagates my culture , that is the agenda.
St Eve: Thank you Koker
Koker: My pleasure.
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