Stop wearing makeup.

Blasphemy! you must be thinking, but wait; hear me out.

The art of makeup has so evolved as the years roll on, in this century makeup has gotten aso heavy that an artist would loiterally use less paint if he was painting a landscape ojn canvas.

My goodness! all that clogging of pores! your skin must be gasping for air. Yes makeup can be a great ally when you are trying to play up your best facial features or cover flaws, but I have news for you; if you concentrate on your skin care routine religiously, you will find that you don’t need makeup to look good.

If you are wondering how this is possible, then follow these five easy steps and watch your skin transform.



Before taking care of your outward appearance you first have to start with taking care of your inside, and this where water becomes more than life. Drink lots of it, yes, drink loads of water everyday to help flush out toxins in your system. After all, what you look like on the outside is the reflection of how great your internal health is and when your internal health is superb it shows on the outside, and no amount of makeup, artfully applied or not will be able to match up to your natural glow.



What you eat plays a great role in how your skin looks, feed your skin properly and watch how great your skin becomes day by day.  Eat a fruit rich diet as well as fibre rich fruits with the essential fats and oils and be guaranteed fresh and healthy looking skin that would need no makeup.  Also ensure that you get enough sleep and stay as far away from alchohol as possible. Taking care of yourself and your body is one of the most essential ways to look beautiful without makeup.



Lets be real, your eyes may most likely need a little extra help standing out especially when your face is devoid of  mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner; this is why you need to take time to groom your eyebrows, this will frame your face and make it stand out. Hold a makeup brush vertically against the bridge of your nose, and angle it toward the inner corner of your eye to figure out where your brow should begin, using tweezers to remove any hair that falls outside the area. Next, figure out where your arch should be by lining up, this should be the highest point of the arch, so pluck it perfectly. Make sure that your brows look even, tweezing any necessary hair for a neat, groomed look.



We all by now can completely acknowledge that the power of the mind supersedes  all, so it shouldn’t be rocket science, think beautiful thoughts, project beautiful energy from within and beautiful you will be!

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