Don’t Be Afraid. Go PINK! by Karen Eloke Young


Coloring is an integral part of the world of hair and while it is scary for some less adventurous people, it is exhilarating for those who are not afraid to try something new.


Changing your hair color can change your life more than you think.

The first obvious change that comes with dying your hair pink (or any unnatural color) is that people begin to perceive and see  you differently—not just friends and acquaintances, but also people you’ve never met. To some you even become unrecognisable

While experimenting with hair color can be life changing, beauty enhancing and confidence boosting, it can also be very tricky and regrettable, especially if it is a daring and shocking color like PINK. There are so many things that can go wrong, which is why I have done my research on different shades of pink hair on different skin tones, and i am giving you pictorial references.

If you’re thinking of GOING PINK it’s best to do a bit of research to see those who have dared pink and conquered, and how it worked out for them.

The ladies below with different skin tones have pulled off the pink hair trend and so can you! However, if you’re not into hair dye but you’re craving some color, you can always try hair extensions, wigs and weaves.