Your hair speaks volume about you and those who carry well-kept dreadlocks make the loudest roar. Dreads, rasta, dada or whatever you call it is worn today with pride and conviction. It says a lot about your style, sense of fashion and gives you an identity.
A lot of people have different disposition about people rocking this hairstyle. Some see them as crazy, rough junkies which are not always true.  Some also believe the hairdo to be of spiritual purpose which is also not always true.
Dreadlock is just another hairstyle like the Mohawk that both sexes can rock. It is a bold fashion statement. The sweet thing is that you can weave your dreads to whatever style you want and it is simple and cheap to maintain!
Popularised by rastafarians and reggae musicians who had the belief that their hair was their strength and consequently their weakness if cut off, this hair do is fast gaining grounds with both men and women in Nigeria. Today, top celebrities from the fashion, music and movie industries are creating signature looks with this hairstyle. Asa is rocking it, Uti Nwachukwu stands out in his well-cut dreadlock, Brian Okpara gets the ladies and always kills the runways, the name Dakore Eguson has become synonymous to dreads because she works that hairstyle perfectly (though not anymore), ill rhymes, Ade Bantu also have been able to carve an identity.
Now how do you grow and maintain your dreads?
»Use products that are specifically for dreadlocks like low-lather and residue-free shampoos, soaps and natural oils.
»Wash your dreads often. Many have the believe that dreads should not be washed but unwashed dreadlocks smell and break due to internal rotting.
»Wax your dreadlocks every other week to maintain its shape and smooth look
»Twist your dreads around your fingers daily in a clockwise motion after every wash. This helps to keep the dreads tight.
»Wrap your head with a scarf when you sleep so it protects your dreads when you toss and turn in bed.
With these few steps, I believe you can have that nice looking dreadlock style that would have the opposite sex crawling at your feet! Drop your comments below.