Easy ways to melt her heart


Women are emotional in nature; as such, they must be treated with much tenderness and care. To melt a woman’s heart requires great effort but in an easy to do way. Most women have different fancies; not all subscribe to the same pattern and do not fall for same things. What might move another may not move the other.

You need to be observant and very meticulous. But, women in general fall for sweet enticing words. Just a gesture of kind words and praise is far better than spending millions on a car gift when you are always absent or far. The little flower you buy goes a long way in showing love and care, although mere flowers don’t freak out some ladies in this part of the world.

Love is the most essential ingredient and key factor in melting a woman’s heart. Show her you love her; be caring, helpful and accommodating.

  1. Being faithful: A faithful man is a plus to the woman. This will enable the man show to the world his prized gift. Always compliment your woman especially when she makes a new hair or wears something new. This requires you to be observant. An observant man is a man in love. He is expressive; tell her how beautiful she looks and how adorable and pretty the new hair or cloth looks on her. This will make her most happy, treasured and proud. Never take this for granted because it goes a long way in strengthening your relationship and melt her heart the more.


  1. Pet her: Petting her in public is not a bad way of assuring her that you are proud of her (some don’t like it though). But, it sure does make a statement. Call her sweet names, hold hands, hug her and always remind her of your love. Petting is a heart melting way of winning your girl’s heart permanently. Always make other women less important when she is around. This means that you should not give your attention or flirt with another woman in her presence [even in her absence too]. Ignoring other women when you are with your woman is a sign of responsibility every woman appreciates. This will make your woman love you more. No woman wants a man that checks out another woman in her front. [Even when she’s not around] Be responsible and earn the respect of your woman!


  1. Give her gifts: Gift giving is very important. But don’t ignore to care. Buy her a gift, as this is a sign of love and care. Spend time together and feel good. Always make sure you give her time. Time with your woman is important! Women always cherish a man who is always there for them.


  1. Melting her heart. Did she prepare a meal? Wash your clothes? Scrub the floor or even clean the room?

Always say: “Well done, dear” “You are very hardworking, sweetheart” “I am happy I married you”

Be appreciative of your woman and commend her for every small thing. Why don’t you help her in the work? A woman will love you to pieces when her man helps out in the chores. This is a heart winning technique many men have explored. Just do it once in a while!

Importantly, women are most happy when the magic word is uttered. Learn to say, “I am sorry”

Most men as a result of inflated ego have ruined their relationships/marriages simply because they neglected this. But, these three words can make a huge difference. Women are very emotional and what they hear is what they believe. Tell her “I am sorry” when you go wrong. It doesn’t reduce your power as the head of the house. Always be sincere and look out for the best for your woman. These easy steps will help make your relationship better!


Source: Alexander Thandi Ubani

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