Fashion and Beauty Talk: Interview with Chidinma


Is make-up overrated?

Only a few ladies will agree it is and Chidinma is one of them.

Chidinma Obinnakwelu, lifestyle blogger and the brain behind the popular Simply Uneeke Blog,  may currently be staying in the United States but she has not lost her self confidence, neither has she forgotten her roots.

Proudly Nigerian, the self-professed Osadebe freak recently had a chat with St. Eve Magazine where she revealed her inspiration, fashion rules and wardrobe secrets.


St.Eve Magazine: What is the greatest source of inspiration behind


Chidinma: My greatest source of inspiration would have to be my fellow bloggers.


St.Eve Magazine: Who is Chidinma and how do you see fashion?


Chidinma: Chidinma is a shy, awkward girl that doesn’t talk much in person but has a big heart. I’m actually goofy, joke a lot and worry a lot as well about my future.


St.Eve Magazine: What should every woman own? What is the one essential item in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without?


Chidinma: I think every woman should own a very nice fitted jean. I absolutely love a piece of jean I own that’s not too tight and also not too loose. It comes in handy on days I am being lazy and don’t feel like being caged with tight jeans.



St.Eve Magazine: What do you think of body piercing and/or tattoo? If you ever consider piercing or tattoo, which part of your body would go first?


Chidinma: I think a tattoo is beautiful depending on what it is. Small tattoos are always beautiful. I hate facial tattoos and huge ones that are too colourful and cover the body.

I am not a huge fan of piercing.

If I were to get a tattoo though, I would probably get one of a flock of birds coming from my back to my neck.


St.Eve Magazine: Is make-up overrated? Is it possible to be beautiful without wearing any make-up, earrings or other accessories?

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Chidinma: Make up is absolutely over rated. I have an issue when people can’t step out of their house without make up or when they put on makeup just to stay home. It’s like everyone wants to have the same eyebrow shape, and the same everything else.

I actually feel my most beautiful when I’m not with anything on my face.

So, yes, you can. It all depends on your mindset.


St.Eve Magazine: What would you tell a man who believes make-up is a waste of time and that women lie with their make-up looks?

ankara vest


Chidinma: I would say if they really believe I have gold coloured eyelids and bright pink lips with shimmering face then I’m not the one with the issues. Lol.

Men lie as well and I don’t believe women lie with makeup.

The whole point of makeup is to enhance one’s beauty but if you look down on me without them then you are telling me I’m only beautiful because of a $45 colour in a jar and I think that’s not right.

St.Eve Magazine: What would you wear to meet royalty or the President of your country?

Chidinma: I probably would wear an outfit that has Ankara in it some way or the other. Maybe an Ankara full midi skirt that’s pleated and a white shirt because white and black are usually safe colours (also depends on the colours of the Ankara).

Then I would wear flats or shoes with very little heels because well I don’t like wearing heels for a long period of time and I don’t like walking with one either.

profile pic 

St.Eve Magazine: What is your favorite outfit that you’ve worn, and why?


Chidinma: I think my favourite outfit would be my post recent outfit post which is the Ankara vest. Mainly because I created the look with thrifted pieces and people loved it. It made me truly believe you don’t have to wear expensive things to look good.



St.Eve Magazine: What items of clothing do people not wear anymore but which you miss not having around?


Chidinma: I wouldn’t say an outfit more like a way of dressing. Everywhere I look nowadays everyone wants to look sexy and am already tired of it. I do miss when people where more modest and still looked beautiful.


St.Eve Magazine: After all is said and done, how do you want to be remembered and what are you doing now to make that possible?


Chidinma: I want to be remembered as an amazing blogger, entrepreneur, nurse anesthetist and someone who made a difference in her country.

layering 5

I am trying to achieve that by constantly trying to evolve my blogging skills. I am also in nursing school pursing a career and then go on to be a nurse anesthetist.

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