Fashion and Beauty Talk: Interview with Millicent Arebun


To some people, fashion is the very expression of human emotions.

Young, sweet and stylish, Millicent Arebun is one of such people. A Fashion Editor, Writer, Political Analyst, and Presenter all in one, Millicent is the brain behind Millare Fashion, a Personal Style blog on Fashion, Beauty, Style and Music where she takes a wowed audience on a style sojourn filled with delightful fashion twist

and turns.

In this interview, Millicent reveals her love for high heels, the fashion item she would not take from Beyoncé even as a gift, and her favourite fashion icon.

St. Eve Magazine: What/Who inspired the creation of and what motivates you to keep going during the good and bad times?

Millicent: Millarefashion blog was created out of my need to archive my style journey, unpublished fashion articles life experiences and lessons. But evolved into a platform to enable women and men of all ages, discover their inner value and beauty, using the tools of fashion, style and self-esteem lessons/ memoirs of mine.

As a fashion reporter, most often I found myself having a lot of unpublished fashion and style articles due to pagination constraints. So I decided to start a blog where I would have unlimited access and space to publish my fashion ideas, articles, style dairies and inspiration.

During my challenging periods, passion is my slave driver while on my fruitful days, the need to surpass my past blog records, reviews, or revenue becomes the driving force.

St. Eve Magazine: If you were to start all over again, what would you do differently?

Millicent: I would probably start off my blog on a more professional and buzz-worthy note. Probably hire Marketing, PR and Brand consultants immediately.

St. Eve Magazine: Do you think high heel shoes are bad for a person’s health? If yes, why do you wear them?

Millicent: I think too much of everything is bad, hence there is a health risk if high heels are worn too much and too long. That said, I love heels and can’t do without them. I just make sure my very high heels are well balanced (soles) and the right fit. I also ensure that when I wear very high heels, I don’t do a lot of walking on uneven grounds or stand for long periods.

I’m wearing high heels because I love them! I love how they make my legs, stance and silhouette slimmer, longer and sexier. I’m of the opinion that a lil extra height, that you can take off at your convenience never hurt anybody. With balance and patience you can literally eat your cake and have it.

St. Eve Magazine: What are your 5 essential travel items?

Millicent: My camera, phone, sunglasses, credits cards and print pants.

St. Eve Magazine: What kinds of clothes are in fashion now but which you could never see yourself wearing?

Millicent: Hmmm, am very adventurous fashion wise and would try almost all trends but I think for now I wouldn’t dare wear the every trendy risqué full sheer trend, popularized by Cher and worn by Rhianna, Beyoncé, the Kardashians et al.

St. Eve Magazine: Who is your fashion icon?

Millicent: Personally I love the style personalities of Rhianna and Solange Knowles. They literally make everything they put on look fab and yet, are constantly pushing the edges or boundaries of fashion/style as we know it.

St. Eve Magazine: Do you think that the clothes we wear reflect what is inside us?

Millicent: Emphatically yes. I think consciously or unconsciously, every fashion decision we make, is controlled by what we feel within. I always opine that “fashion is the very expression of human emotions”. Personally if I feel sad or lazy, you will see me wearing my style ‘security blanket cloths’, which is leggings or shorts, paired with tanks and flats. The reverse is the case, when am feeling funky or angry. Lol

St. Eve Magazine: What would you wear to meet royalty or the President of Nigeria?

Millicent: Depending on the occasion, I would most likely wear, an African print dress or pants, paired with heels, boots or flats. The choice of accessories would depend on the occasion but it’s a forgone conclusion I would wear prints, to meet foreign royalty or the president of Nigeria. After all, am African and proud to be one.

St. Eve Magazine: What’s your favourite outfit you’ve ever worn?

Millicent: Ahhh, that’s a tough one. I don’t have a favorite outfit I’ve ever worn, cos all of them are my favorites of the moment.

St. Eve Magazine: Which season is the most convenient for you to be fashionable?

Millicent: Style I always opine, “Is innate and has no regard for seasons and times”. That said, sunny days, calls for more style adventurousness, so yea, I would pick summer season. Personally though, I think all seasons are the most convenient as I am fashionable in and out of season.

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