Fashion and Beauty Talk: Interview with Yewande Thorpe


Yewande Thorpe is a trained Communicator and a confirmed lover of finer things. The regular beauty blogger, consultant and the brain behind the popular blog She Loves The Finer Things, recently had a chat with St. Eve Magazine about her blog, passion and life lessons.

St.Eve Magazine: What/Who inspired the creation of and what motivates you to keep going during the good and bad times?

Yewande Thorpe: In 2012, I had just moved back from the UK and was job searching. I had a lot of free time on my hands and kept wondering what I could do to keep me engaged till I found a job.

At that time, I had become obsessed with makeup and skincare so my husband then boyfriend kept encouraging me to start a blog. I resisted it for the longest time but then just decided to go for it because I loved writing. I imagined that writing about what I loved, beauty, would be the best thing ever and 3 years down the line I can truly say that it is…I love it!

Through the years, I have managed to gather a reader base who come to my blog for beauty related information. They keep me motivated even at times when I don’t feel like blogging and believe me, those times do come! Especially for me because I now have a 9-5 job so it gets tough juggling it sometimes but the passion drives me.


St.Eve Magazine: If you were to start all over again, what would you do differently?

Yewande Thorpe: I wouldn’t do anything differently, it has been a journey full of learnings and I have had fun while at it.

St.Eve Magazine: The Make-Up Art has changed from what it used to be in the 90s. Now it is accepted by the public as both an art and a business. How did you think that change came about?

Yewande Thorpe: The world is evolving and with that there is more room for people to express their creativity and work in jobs that they are actually passionate about.

Just ten years ago, if you weren’t a Doctor, Lawyer or Engineer, you were not really reckoned with. But these days, young people are breaking away from those boundaries and following their passion in photography, catering etc.

The same goes for makeup, people are building respectable business around the beauty industry, their success speaks for itself therefore the world is more accepting and respectful of these creative jobs

St.Eve Magazine: You already own a popular beauty blog. But apart from blogging, how far do you intend to take your skills as a Make-up Artist?

Yewande Thorpe: As at today, I don’t have any plans to become a professional Makeup Artist but who knows where the wind may blow in the near future? 🙂

St.Eve Magazine: Aside the make-up art and your blog, what else are you equally passionate about?

Yewande Thorpe: I’m passionate about women’s rights in Nigeria…

I long to see a country where women will not have to fight twice as hard to prove themselves worthy of certain positions. I long to see a country where I am not automatically excluded from certain opportunities because I am a woman. I long to see a country where women are not perceived as “lesser beings”. I long to see a country where I am treated with the same amount of respect as “Oga” when we go out. I long to see a country where men are upheld to the same high standards as women. Right now I am not part of any formal organization but I hope to find and join a suitable one soon.

What I do is speak up and educate people around me when necessary…keeping quiet is not my strength especially when it involves women’s… I think that the power to change this is in the hands of everyone. We need to work on changing our perceptions and then work on guiding the young and impressionable ones around us to be more aware and act better.

St.Eve Magazine: What colors do you think look good on you? What colors do you choose to wear when you are happy?

Yewande Thorpe: My favorite colors are black and white

St.Eve Magazine: Is it possible for a woman to wear too much make-up? If yes, then when is a person wearing too much make-up?

Yewande Thorpe: Yes, it is possible for a person to have on too much makeup depending on the situation. For example, it would look odd if I did a dark smokey eye with long, wispy lashes and a dark colored lipstick to work…that could be considered too much. However If I was going out to a party then I could totally rock my gothic makeup look!

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St.Eve Magazine: What should every woman own?

Yewande Thorpe: If you mean generally, everyone should own The Bible, it gets you through life’s ups and downs 🙂 But beauty-wise, every woman should own a fantastic cleanser! That is the key to getting great skin!

St.Eve Magazine: What three lessons have life taught you that you would tell a younger you?

Yewande Thorpe: – Work hard so you can enjoy in later years

– Define strong values for yourself and stay true to them at all times

– Be kind to everyone regardless

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