Fashion Trends for ladies

The beautiful thing about fashion is trends. They change from time to time. Today’s trends amongst women is not far from you adding these items to your outfit or the way you look.
Purple lipstick
You see, there are few of us who stand out as trend setters either based on status in society or sheer elegance we put on an outfit. This purple craze all began earlier this month when pictures of American singer Rihanna wearing purple lipstick went viral on the Internet. It was an instant hit and now women around the world have hopped on the purple lips train. Purple lipsticks are great because they give you a sexy, edgy, sophisticated look and in all keeping your lips on fleek. Be careful however sbout the shade of purple you apply based on you skin colour and your outfit for the day.
‎Mini Flared skirt
These gorgeous above-the-knees skirts have got heads turning. The are in different colours, patterns, materials and even style. You just got to choose which suits your taste and your body type or shape. They are great to wear to work, dinner, movies or even t o social functions. These skirts would have you looking classy, stylish and on point when you wear them with a belt.
Jean trousers and jackets
The fashion Tsunami has washed jeans our way once again. Any form of jeans seems to be the go-to outfit to pull on on casual days. The jacket has however caught on a lot more recently. You can wear them on cotton, chinos or even ankara skirt or trousers.
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