Foods That People Think Are Healthy But Aren’t


Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is another one of those foods that pretends to be healthy when it’s usually a big heap of sugar, dairy, artificial sweeteners and chemicals. Next time you’re at your local yogurt place, ask to see the ingredients list. You’ll probably be shocked!

Fruit Juice

With the juicing craze in full swing, people everywhere are guzzling bottles of fruity juices – which is like liquid sugar to the body. If you’re going to drink juice, go for the green ones with minimal fruit. Your best bet is to make it at home or get it from a fresh juice bar!

Soy Milk

Soy milk is a highly processed product. The soybeans are heated at high temperatures and acid washed in aluminum tanks, so the aluminum may be transferred into the soy milk. Almost all soy is genetically modified, and is grown with high levels of pesticide contamination. Processed soy in general has been shown to disrupt endocrine and thyroid function and may negatively affect hormones as well.

Whole Wheat

Even for people without celiac or a diagnosed “gluten sensitivity,” wheat can be a big trigger for digestive distress, skin issues, immune system suppression and inflammation in the body.  Curious to know if removing gluten would help you feel better? Give it up completely for 2 weeks and see if your condition improves.


Although it may look and sound healthy, most granola on the market is loaded with corn syrup or sugar. Better still, make your own granola at home with gluten free oats and sweeten it with raw honey.