FOR MEN: 10 Must-have Accessories

Wrist watch
Be it a Leather, rubber, steel‎ piece, a good wrist watch steals the show any day any time. It serves as the final piece of accessory to a complete dressing. You should have a variety of types and even colours so you have a number of them to pick from at any point in time.
A gentleman always uses a tie. A gentleman has many ties. A gentleman has various coloured and patterned ties with different sizes from the classic wide ties to today’s slim ones.
Man bag
This is one accessory you must have if you want to knock your swag a few notches higher than others. This accessory is for a boss. It is trendy, comfortable and effective. Effective because it can hold documents and even a few personal effects for a night at the office. They come in different colours and sizes but do go for more mature colours like black or any shade of brown. It’s not only ladies that know how to work a fine bag.
Coloured socks
If you don’t have a pair of coloured socks at this point, you are very much lagging behind. These are the ones in vogue right now and there is no age restriction to who can wear them. Get a few of them next time you go shopping. They could be plain or patterned.
Sun shades
The real idea behind the sun shades is to dim rays of the sun that come in contact with your eyes because extreme exposure of your eyes to the sun could damage your eyes. Today you have sun shades that helps you keep looking stylish and at the same time protect your eyes.
This is a compulsory accessory for all men but one thing for sure is a lot of guy don’t know or have they right belt on. It is one of the major rules of male dressing that your belt colour must match that of your footwear. You could ruin a perfect outfit with this blunder.
Pairs or shorts
These are leisure accessories you can not do without. You can wear a nice pair of shorts to the beach, to the tennis court, golf course or even while taking a stroll down your street. They come in different styles and colours but one important thing to note is that your shorts must be exactly your size if you want to look good in them. Not too high up you thigh and not too long, infact it should be just around the top of your knees.
This a necessary accessory all men should have  on them at all times. Handkerchiefs come in handy any time as you might want to clean off some sweat, have a sneeze, dust off dirt on your trousers or cover your nose while in a polluted area. It is useful too while taking a quick snack and you have to clean off some ketchup or source on your lips.
Hats come in different colours, shapes and styles. Many of which are designed for specific seasons and uses. There are baseball caps, straw hats, cowboy hats and bucket hats for sunny days out or at the beach and head warmers for colder weather to keep your head warm. Others include beret, snapbacks, Panama and even our own native caps here in Nigeria; ones we wear for ceremonies etc.
Leather Sandal
These are comfortable footwear you should have in your possession. Break the norm of always putting on a shoe. Sandals are cool wears whether it is black, brown, gray etc. You can wear them with your native attires, on jeans, shorts or even your senator attire.
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