For Women: Corporate Swagger


Office is for work and serious matters that brings you the pay at the end of the month but that shouldn’t mean you neglect your appearance. In fact, the way you dress goes a long way in giving you an amount of confidence amongst your peers and colleagues. Keep up your corporate swagger with these few pointers. Thank me later.

White is the colour
The colour white seems to be the colour of the moment if you want to keep up with the trend. Going all white may look a little awkward but you should do well to have that touch of white when you dress for work. You could rock a pretty white dress, settle for white accessories like belt, shoe, necklace, bangles, wear a white top or pull on a white skirt or trousers.

This is a no brainer. You must own blazers from black, gray, pink, green, orange, beige, yellow, red, purple, white to even different textures like suede. You can wear them with your shirt and trousers or skirt. Hmm you already look stunning!

Leather tells class, sophistication and quality. Be it your belt, jacket or shoes, always wear the leather ones and walk the corridors of your office like your own personal runway.

Suede blazers, purses, shoes are making rounds right now and you need to jump on this trend train before it leaves.

You have to smell the part. The quality ones are not cheap but you would definitely prick everyone’s nose everytime you enter a room.

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