For Women: Must-have accessories


Knee-high boots
I love to see a lady rock a pair of knee-high boots. Its a wow. This is not an everyday shoe like the flats, its just something you have to own for that special occasion. Now this style is not popular in this part of the world but that shouldn’t stop you. Fashion is about being bold and owning your style. This is a style you want to keep.

Bangles & accessories
You should command attention with every part of your body and wrists are not left out! It is almost a sin for you not to have your own collection of bangles and hand accessories you can wear on different occasions. It could be leather, african print, wooden, steel just make sure you have everybody in the room looking at your wrists twice.

Afrocentric-bangles-asiyami-gold Accessories beige-brocade-and-net-short-kurti-and-churidar women-wear-Short-Kurti-Churidar-collection

Bucket hats, straw hat, baseball hat
A lady’s most exclusive selling point is her face and when that face is all made up she will do everything to protect it. Although it depends on your dressing, you should have a couple of hats in your wardrobe definitely in different colours. The sun could be on a whole new level sometimes and you should be geared up to keep that pretty face of yours intact. Bucket hats are great and what’s in vogue right now, straw hats are really good for the breach for example and the baseball hat just goes when you on some casual outfits.

Designer Sun shades
You need this right here to seal that gorgeous look of yours everytime you dress to work, beach, mall ow wherever you going. Instead of the regular black shades, you should get a couple of different other colours of sun shades. Just spice up your look. Be mindful of the colour combination though, you don’t want to look like a ratched call girl walking down the street.

Kurti & Churibaar
This piece is indian masterpiece stands you out elegantly and shows class. It looks fabulous on a slimmer body still doesn’t take the shine off a bigger person. These beauties are made in different colour and you know them indians know how to combine those pretty colours. You must have this!