Hats, caps whatever you call them are one of the very few essential accessories every single being must have in his or her ward rope. They are essential. They just give a different look to your style and appearance coupled with a young, agile and trendy look. However, a lot of people where them wrongly and that exactly is what we would be tackling here. If you want to look \’on fleek\’ whenever you wear a cowboy hat, baseball hat, bucket hat, straw hat, wool cap, snapbacks, Panama, beret or head warmer, you should make all or these considerations.
What season are we?
Some of these head gears are made for looking stylish in specific seasons. Straw hats for example are most suitable during the summer when there is so much heat and it\’s sunny. Because of the gaps between the straws used to make it, air can pass through and cool your scalp. The large flaps also help deflect the rays of the sun. It is odd to wear a head warmer on a hot afternoon in the name of trying to look a particular way. Well, you scalp will tell you the story.
Not too tight, not too loose
When you buy a hat or cap, make sure you buy one that fits well. a tight one could injure your head and give you headaches while a loose one will definitely fly off while you walk down the street. If it\’s not your size, don\’t wear it at all.
Colour must be right!‎
There is no profit in you dressing up and look like cone of multi flavoured ice cream. Put on matching colours. At worse, put on a hat with a neutral colour. If you are not intended on investing so much on hats and so you want to get one or two, make sure they are in neutral colours like black, grey or brown.
Where am I wearing the hat to?
When contemplating on whether to wear a hat or not, you have to consider where you are going or the occasion, meeting you are attending. The wrong headgear and you might be sending the wrong messages or vibe to others. Wearing a swizzzla bucket hat to work at a bank might just get you queried.
Does if fit what I\’m wearing?
Your immense love for wearing hats count come round to hurt you if you pair your head gear with the wrong outfit. You shouldn\’t wear them every time and on every dress. Wearing a baseball hat whole clad in a pretty ball gown is a no no.
There you have it. Note however, the sweetest thing fashion and style is about being spontaneous, creative and experimental. These tips are no rules, they are just guides. ‎Thank me later.‎

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