Health risks of wearing G-strings


G-string or thong is a type of underwear that does not have to cover the buttocks. This can be an option for women putting on skirts or trousers with a thin material, as to avoid the visibility of a panty line. These sexy bits come in every conceivable designs and fabrics, from lace to satin, cotton to silk.
G-string has become so popular and gained widespread acceptance as a fashion trend. It has been accepted as a sexy fashion statement.

But wait a minute; have you ever wondered if there are any health risks that come with it?

Gynaecologists believe that wearing a thong has long-lasting health implications and is bad for the entire genital and perineum area. They point out that recurrent vaginal infections are more common in thong wearers. The string part can heat-up the skin, leading to thrush, a yeast infection of the skin that thrives in warm, moist environments. Another concern is that bacteria can travel along that little string from the rectum to the vaginal area. Evidence has shown that bladder infections and urinary tract infections are more common in thong wearers.

Other Health Risks
Frictions from G-strings can cause irritation or inflammation, and if left unchecked, infection in the intimate areas.

Most G-strings are made of materials that can not absorb sweat very well and lead to moistness which elicits bacterial or fungal infection, such as candidiasis (thrush).

Some however, believe it is the ill-fit rather than the underwear type that is the trouble.
G-strings can graze and injure the sensitive skin around the genital area – especially if they are too tight or made with badly stitched materials.

Tight underwear creates an ideal environment for infections to grow and thrive.

Some G-strings come with just a thin string that binds the perineum and if the pressure is so strong, it may cause infection. In addition, the air permeability of chemical fibre that is used to make the G-string is very poor and could cause skin allergies, piles as well as vaginitis.

Way out

  1. Do not wear thongs for long hours, and strip as soon as you get home.


  1. Choose a kind of fabric that can absorb sweat. Cotton is the best fabric that is suitable for your skin type. By using cotton underwear, genital organs get more fresh air and stay dry.


  1. When wearing the G-string, you must wear loose trousers. Very tight pants mean total restriction to passage of air.


  1. Wear slightly loose strings, if you must wear at all.


It is good for you if you can let go of the G-string, if not, wear with caution!

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