Some people cheat, be it man or woman. Some people believe that they are players and thus have the right to flirt around. Not just flirt around, some even use that means to spread STDs. This is very bad; it shows no responsibility on the part of any individual to play around when you have someone you are in a relationship with. It is dangerous! Many also cannot stop cheating because they tend to fulfill all the sexual fantasies with other people in the world. They can’t say no to a beautiful woman or a handsome man. They freely give their bodies to others even though they are in a committed relationship. This is bad not just because it is cheating but also for the fact that you are at risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections and you are hurting another soul.

What to do if you find yourself in this bad web.

The best way to halt this bad habit is to engage the services of a professional therapist or counselor to guide you on a regimental process of change. This process must be followed according to achieve desired result.

More so, morality and principles play a very pivotal role in this regard. A man of principle or of high moral stance would find it difficult to entwine in the hollow web. See the need to adjust for the good of yourself and partners, listen to the advice of others and consider how what you are doing would have affected the ones you love. Think of the trouble you have created with your partner and the problems already faced.

Forgiveness is another important factor for then change it may be difficult to forgive, but forgiving a partner for the wrong doing goes a long way in showing deep love and encouragement to change. Forgiveness will give the wrong doer the chance for change. When a partner is forgiven of his/her past, this will imbibe in him/her the consciousness to be loyal and faithful- some don’t though.

Lastly, a good home upbringing plays a major role in educating people for the betterment of the trained with the fear of God stamped in their hearts always turn out to be better people in the society. Parents and guardian must play partisan role in educating their children on moral values and the need to be principled. They must communicate in them the many ills that result from such extravagant habits. Parents must inculcate in their children the need for sanity, respect and love for the opposite sex. This and many more will help in curbing the menace called cheating.

Have you ever experienced cheating?

What was the cause?

How did you resolve the issue?

What is the main cause of the cheating in a relationship?

Who is to blame?


Source: Alexander Thandi Ubani

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