How to take care of your shoes


You have spent a lot on shoes and the last thing you want is for them to wear out in no time. These are few tips on caring for your footwear:


  1. Don’t wear the same pair often

Every one has that one shoe we want to wear every time because it’s our favorite but the hard and obvious truth is that ‎the shoe wouldn’t last. It is important you have a few pairs you can rotate every now and then so you give each one time to dry and regain it’s shape.


  1. Allow shoes to dry in room temperature

Do not expose your shoes to direct sunlight or heat ‎in the name of making it dry. You are only going to destroy the leather. Also, never wear the shoes when they are not completely dry.


  1. Use Shoetrees

If you want your shoes to last, you should get them shoetrees. Shoetrees can extend the life span of your shoes by up to 30%. What do they do exactly? ‎They help to absorb moisture from the leather and also help to maintain the original shape of the shoe. If you don’t have shoetrees a good substitute is some tissue or old newspaper. Once you take off your footwear, stuff them into your shoes until you are ready to wear them again.


  1. Polish your leather

Use cream polish that matches the colour of the shoes. It makes the shoes look as good as new.


  1. ‎Take them to the Shoe repairer

From time to time, take your shoes to a trusted shoe repairer to clean them and make any repairs necessary. If you have spent a lot on these pairs and you can’t afford to replace them then you should visit the cobbler to re-sole the shoes.


  1. Always clean your shoes

Just like you do to your face every night before you sleep, your shoes need some cleaning before the dirt settle in. Clean out dust with foam or a soft piece of cloth. For mud or other stains, you can dampen the cloth with warm water and wipe gently in one direction.


  1. Get yourself some of these

You should have these as part of your shoe toolbox: Shoehorn, horsehair brush, shoe spray, wax polish, suede brush and polish cream.


  1. Protect your heels!

For the ladies, always have with you a pair of flats in case you run into areas that are not heel-friendly. You need them also when you drive. It is more comfortable and safe to drive in flats than in heels because the heels could break‎.