Before you leave read this!!!

Last night, my husband called me a fat woman. After taking a long stare he said, he thinks you have gotten fat… Fat woman”

I’ll admit that I’ve gained some weight. But do you think a spouse should ever say that?

A partner should never say that you have gotten fat, nor should anyone say this to anyone you love.”

According to Jessica Fishman Levinson, an RD who specializes in healthy weight management, “there are better ways for the husband to have approached the topic. He should approach it like other relationship issues, with ‘I’ statements, rather than ‘you’ ones. For example, ‘I want to improve my health and start eating better and exercising more. I think it’s something we should do together. What do you think?’”

“A major part of the problem of telling a woman she looks fat is the negative associations we have with it. Fat is about so much more than weight. It’s about gluttony, insatiability, laziness, and a lack of self-control. Fat is perceived as a moral failing.” There’s a shaming aspect to the word “fat” itself, so I see little reason to bring it into any conversation about weight.

As we’re all being bombarded with promises of a new year and a new you, what are the rules?

  • Before you make any judgments about others look at yourself:Chances are, you’re not as slim and trim as once-upon-a-time. Let he who casts the first stone be without too many “stones” himself. (I am referring here to the kind of “stone” that is the British unit of weight.)
  • Any comments you make should focus on health and not appearance: If you want to stay healthy and attractive to one another, communication and trust are key.
  • Respect your partner’s feelingsDo not judge: Be sensitive. Think before you speak. Turn things around: How would you like your husband or wife to tell you such news?
  • Weight loss effort is a team effort:An Enzymatic Health/ weight management experts opined that “You can’t just sit and judge your spouse for being fat. Keeping a good size is a collective effort. You have to encourage in each other by keeping a healthy eating plan recommended by a good therapist. You sure would lose 3- 5kg in 7 days with the use of digestive enzymes and a meal plan of strictly easy to get foods.”