Lung Cancer: Still a Health Threat to Men


Lung cancer is a terrible disease: ugly, aggressive, and almost always metastatic. Lung cancer spreads early, usually

before it grows large enough to cause symptoms or even show up on an X-ray. By the time it’s found, lung cancer is often

advanced and difficult to cure. Less than half of men are alive a year later.

So … are you still smoking?

Tobacco smoke causes 90% of all lung cancers. But lung cancer is still the leading cancer killer in men: more than enough

to fill the Superdome every year.

No effective screening test for lung cancer is available, although a major study is going on to learn if CT scans of the

chests of high-risk people can catch cancer early enough to improve survival.

Quitting smoking at any age reduces the risk for lung cancer. Few preventive measures are as effective — or as challenging

— as stopping smoking. . Your doctor can tell you more.

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