Maintaining your favourite clothes

Clothes are bound to wear out but you have the power to give them a longer life-span. Even though you might not be able to wear your best clothes every day, you can definitely make them last a while longer before you pass them on to your sibling.  There are a few tips you have to do right for your jeans, shirts, trousers, skirts to last a little bit longer.
Wash by fabric not by colour
The problem of your clothes wearing down begins from doing your laundry. It is natural and necessary to do your laundry but in doing so, you still have to be mindful of a few things. It is important sometimes to wash your clothes according to fabric not colour so you don’t have some clothes with zippers and buttons beating up on other that don’t have especially T-shirts with prints. The zippers and buttons could deface the design or even puncture them.
Separate the colours at laundry
It is equally important you do not wash some colours with others because of the likelihood of fading. Most times, red and blue fabrics are guilty of this and so they should never be soaked or washed alongside brightly coloured fabrics. A mistake of this magnitude could mean the ruining of  your favourite white shirt or favourite T-shirt.
Reduce frequency of laundry
As said earlier, it is necessary to always wash your clothes to keep them clean but many of us are guilty of tossing dresses into the laundry basket immediately after one wear. You should as much as you can reduce the frequency of washing your clothing items because washing itself loosens the fabrics and so the more you wash the faster it wear down. Items like lint roller and deodorants could help you work that dress, skirt, trousers, shirt a few more times before it goes for a spin.
Clothes1 cleaning-clothes-closet
Right dress for right task
It’s is also important you evaluate your work and activity each day so you know what type or colour of cloth to wear. It’s no use wearing your favourite white shirt to work when your day’s activity involves you coming in contact with a lot of dust, smoke and will have you sweating.
Zip up jeans, trousers, skirts, jacket before wash
You would be doing your clothes a lot of favour by pulling up all zippers in your laundry because they could cause harm to the other clothes you are washing or get damaged themselves.
Folding and hanging
Some dresses are best folded in a cool, dry place while others are best hung using a hanger. If you hang clothes best suited for folding, you could cause them to begin to drape and lose shape. T-shirts, sweaters are best stored by folding them in a cool, dry and dark cupboard or drawer while shirts, jackets are best hung from a hanger.
Be aware of your surroundings
Make sure you are conscious of where you are because a thing or two about your surrounding could be damaging your clothes. For example, your sleeves could be suffering as a result of some sharp and rough edges at your desk. Your skirt, jeans or trousers could be wearing down around your buttock as a result of the type of chair you use or the places you sit.
Learn some basic mending
There is no crime about knowing a little about stitching or running a thread through a dress in fact it is a blessing because a little tear, loose edges or buttons would not be such a big problem to tackle. Always have a needle and black thread in hand a all times because you never know.
‎With these tips you can never go wrong. ‎
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