Natural Ingredients for Skin Care

Nature is so rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients and solutions to many of our challenges but people fail to take notice or they out rightly just ignore. In skin care, the most effective products are filled with natural ingredients like fruits, leaves, tree extracts, seeds, fruit extracts, flowers etc. Here are a few of them:
Aloe Vera- inside this plant is a colourless gel rich in minerals, nutrients, vitamins and amino acids good for skin and hair care. It helps keep your skin young, fresh and smooth. Effective also in removing acne.
Coco butter- is good at keeping the skin soft, supple, rid of wrinkles and because it is easily absorbed into the skin, it makes for a good moisturiser. It also contains vitamin E.
Coconut oil- are rich in fatty acids which are great for every type of skin, keeping them soft and supple.
Green tea- contain natural chemicals that prevent and reverse UV damage to the skin, fights bacterial infections and also prevents or stops inflammation.
Jojoba oil- this extract is a wonderful skin moisturizer, helps to prevent wrinkles and is perfect for hair and scalp conditioning.
Olive oil- is loaded with antioxidants and vitamin E which helps repair cells, neutralize free radicals. Olive oil is good for moisturizing, toning and stimulating the skin.
Shea butter- helps to prevent moisture loss from the skin and slows the skin’s cellular degeneration keeping it fresh and healthy
Tea tree- this is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial ingredient. Extracts from this is known to speed up healing and fight infections on the skin. They could be effective against acne too.
 Vitamin C- is an antioxidant and anti-aging ingredient.  It helps to repair skin cells and boost collagens
Witch Hazel- this is a shrub with fragrant yellow flowers. They are very effective in combating swelling, redness and offering the skin hydration.
These are few natural ingredients you should look for in your hair, skin or other beauty products. If you can get these ingredients, there is no crime in applying them directly.

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