Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that strikes from the unknown. What is known is the effect it can have on your body and the symptoms that need to be looked out for. Between the brain and the body, your nerves can lose control and force you out of your own system. But do you know what the symptoms are for Multiple Sclerosis?

We’re helping you sort through ten symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. Find the signs and get a grip on it, as early as possible.

1. Problems With Balance

Keep in mind — that the signals that go from your brain to your body muscles are affected if MS has truly affected you. If you start to notice yourself becoming more unbalanced and falling, you may suffer from MS.

2. Fatigue

Despite getting a good night of sleep, fatigue can still weigh its anchor down on you, if you have MS. The tricky thing about being fatigued is that you may not know if it’s from MS or your daily activities. It is best that you see your doctor in order to determine if this symptom is due to MS showing in your system.

3. Fuzzy Memory

Having a fuzzy memory or brain fog can be harmful to the progress you planned on having on a certain day. Simple things like remembering what you walked into the kitchen to do now turns into a difficult task. Concentrating on tasks you already have begun can turn into a frustrated moment. Fuzzy memory can be a symptom of MS.

4. Trembling Nerves

Multiple Sclerosis will attack your nerves at every chance it gets. This can cause your hands, feet, legs, etc, to suddenly bring along a trembling feeling to your nerves. Simple tasks such as buttoning up a shirt, holding a broom and a dustpan, or drinking a glass of water now become one of the hardest parts of your day.

5. Irregular Symptoms

Inconstancy in symptoms can be good and bad at the same time. Concentration symptoms can be here today and gone tomorrow. The problem is—that doesn’t mean that the possibility of MS not being there goes away. So if you have symptoms of MS, no matter how inconsistent they are, it’s best to see your doctor.

6. Constipated Feeling

Being constipated is not a comfortable feeling and isn’t something you’d even wish on your enemy. However, it may be striking you as a symptom of MS. Related to weight gain and bloating, constipation can put a strain on your day. Pay your doctor a visit and find out.


7. Hot then you are Cold

It’s human nature, to an extent, to feel cold and then feel hot – but not on a regular basis. If you are experiencing changes in body temperatures outside of a certain amount of time passing by, it may be best to go see your doctor. Feeling cold in the hands and feet are symptoms of MS.

8. Tingling Feeling

Aside from your hands and other parts of your body expressing trembling sensations, you can also experience a tingling sensation. Catching this symptom depends on the person. Some people may describe the feeling as needles pressing into the skin, while others will just describe it as tingling.

9. Vision Being Blurred

When multiple sclerosis attacks our vision, it can be both a nuisance and painful. You can possibly be experiencing pain in one ear and not the other. It’s not impossible to experience this in both eyes, at one time. Moving your vision to different angles, your eyes can become agitated, blurring vision. If you experience any of the above, you should check in with your doc, as this is a symptom of MS.