Oral Health: Get yourself a mouthwash

For a good oral hygiene, the norm is for you to brush your mouth regularly; at least twice a day to remove food particles and germs. This is one of the best was one can maintain proper oral hygiene but studies by scientists all over have discovered that brushing is not as effective as you think.  Brushing does not clean your mouth 100%. There are areas of the mouth your brush cannot get to even when you use the best of toothpastes. Food particles hide in cavities where your toothbrush can’t get to and these particles can cause tooth decay. How can you get to these spots? Mouthwash! Using mouthwash before or after brushing helps get your mouth a lot more cleaner. It also helps to keep your teeth, gum and inner part of your teeth healthy. There are few things to note about using mouthwash and we would highlight them for you
#Helps stop plaque activity
Plaques are hard substances that form on your teeth, between your teeth and over your gum. They can cause gum diseases. While mouthwash doesn’t remove plaques, they help prevent them fro building. So next time you have plaques scraped from your teeth, ensure you include a mouthwash rinse to your daily grooming routine.
#Helps remove food particles
There are possibilities for food particles to get stuck in between your teeth and even after brushing they still remain there. A mouth rinse with some mouthwash can help remove these particles from where they hide. You can use mouthwash before, after brushing or even before and after brushing. It’s your choice about what works for you.
#Helps with fresh breath
Many mouthwash products contain different flavours that give you a good mouth odour. This is mostly for people with bad mouth odour but trust me, using mouthwash alone would not solve it completely. You have to improve your oral hygiene generally.
#Helps stop cavity formation
Many mouthwash products contain an ingredient called fluoride which is an ingredient all toothpaste manufacturers are asked to include in their products. Fluoride help to strengthen your emanel and prevent cavity formation. Fluoride is so important that some Asian countries have started adding fluoride to their entire water supply.
 Its imperative to note however that using mouthwash alone is not going to produce the change or improvement you desire. Use before and/or after brushing your teeth. Doing this, you are definitely taking conscious steps towards preventing tooth decay and other mouth diseases or infections.