NueCd is designed to help everyone meet the challenges of poor nutrition due to physiological or metabolic imbalances. It is also an ideal complement for anyone who simply has a very active lifestyle and wants to ensure that their nutritional needs are being met.

Furthermore, in any condition in which large meals might stress digestive function, it can be taken with or between meals to provide nutritional as well as digestive support.

WEIGHT LOSS- As meal replacement, NeuCD complements a balanced low calories diet and exercise plan assist you to loose weight gradually and keep it off.

Prepared as a nutritious beverage, NueCD will deliver the right balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat as well as provide 49 supplements which are 19 vitamins, 13 minerals and 17 enzymes in a delicious low calorie drink or smoothie. For even better and faster weight loss results, combine NeuCD with our control plus, an enzyme – herb support formula that can help balance food sugar and curb cravings.

“NUTRITIONAL STRESS” due to an active lifestyle- For those families with busy lifestyle who are concerned about meeting nutritional needs, NueCD is a quick, simple, tasty drink that can fill the nutritional gap and reduce “nutritional stress”, for families on the move, it is the best choice for breakfast “to go” or even try it for an afternoon snack. NeuCD is perfect for all ages.

Medical procedure support- NeuCD is a perfect supplement to promote healing by supplying a concentrated nutrient source with a powerful delivery system. Patients undergoing chemotherapy often experience a poor appetite. They are encouraged to eat a healthy balance diet that can include NueCD as a supplement to boost calorie and nutrient intake. Additionally, the digestive enzymes have been shown clinically to reduce nausea and promote a healthy immune system and chemo drug tolerance.


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