Sins women commit while washing their panties


I was having a conversation with my friends the other day and the issue of ‘when should a lady wash her panties’ cropped up, ‘while bathing’ or ‘during usual cloth laundry’. My voice was the loudest as I tried to make them see reasons why they should wash it as they bath. For me, washing my panties while bathing has been my practice since childhood after all that’s how I was brought up, so arguing it wasn’t so difficult. Obi, was on my side as she pointed out that after a long hectic, sunny and stressful day, she prefers washing hers while bathing, not because she likes it but because that’s how she was brought up. To her keeping them for a later day shows the lady is dirty and it can produce a foul smell around the house. Medina and Didy added that they prefer to soak theirs after each use with detergent and bleach, as bathing soaps can’t wash them properly especially if it’s a white one. The issue is not all about who is right or wrong because each practice has its side effects. – Washing while bathing means you are likely not going to spread it in the sun (sun is needed to kills bacteria), you might not wash thoroughly because you’re in a hurry to leave the bathroom. – Soaking with detergent and bleach after every use means you should be ready to visit a store almost all the time as your panties might likely wear out pretty soon. Then the question still remains ‘When is the appropriate time to wash your panties as a lady?’ You can drop your comments let’s know what your thoughts are.