Spice up your sex!

Many underestimate the potency of sex especially people in long term relationships and marriages. It is actually the best thing a couple could do to keep their intimacy and love fresh. It is so bad that sex then becomes boring and not as enticing as it was when you both were a lot younger. Well what has changed? Nothing! You have just refused to put glitter on a well baked cake. Here are a few ways you can keep you relationship fresh, intimate and sex mesmerising.
Do not plan sex, impromptu is good
Sex could become a lot boring if you have a timetable or schedule for sex. Sex is fun and you two should enjoy it. It might be quite hard for some people but try to avoid planning ahead for it.
More foreplay
This is very good for your sex because it helps you have intimacy. Spend a lot more time getting each other horny with kisses to the mouth, breasts, neck, back, buttock, inner thighs, caresses, massages and other sensitive areas. You could also include some oral sex, masturbation and fingering.
Toys, porn and enhancing products
You should get yourself some lube cream, oil, dildo, vibrators, butt plugs etc depending on how crazy you want your sexual experience. You and your partner should also watch some porn to kick off your hormones. Do not however imitate all what you watch because they are done by professionals and could be dangerous.
Think outside the box
Always try to do things different every time you have sex with your partner. It could be sex positions, location where it goes down maybe in the car, kitchen table, balcony, in the pool, shower, attitude to it like being aggressive today and tomorrow being mild and gentle. You both can take the weekend off, stay indoors or travel somewhere and have some good sex.
A flirty call and message or two during the day to your partner would without doubt awaken memories which would arouse him or her and definitely have him or her running home straight after the day’s work. A tactic of playing a little hard to get could have your partner wanting you more.
Try a little role playing
Let your wildest fantasies play out and you both have fun during sex. You both can dress up as different people like an army or super hero and a damsel in distress, doctor or nurse and a patient etc.
These few tips would definitely ignite a spark in your sex and so you should try out one or two. What you can do in your bedroom is however not limited to what is here. Go wild and out to win you partner over with some marvelous, unforgettable sex because if you don’t, he or she might subscribe for it outside. ‎
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