Trendy: Bucket Hats


Yes I said it, Bucket hats! They are back! The beautiful thing about fashion is its timeless!. These hats became popular way back in the 80s with almost everyone owning one or two. Whether its the one with camo design or one colour, they sure make you look fly and show that you represent. Musicians wore it in music videos and even to shows. OG. LL Cool J made it beyond cool in the ’80s and today Schoolboy Q, Burna Boy have made it the stylish stoner’s hat of choice.
Many others fancied wearing the hat to the beach or the pool side. Its a unisex fashion accessory you just must have in your wardrope.
You have different designs, patterns and colours of bucket hats to choose from when next you go shopping. You just have to pick the one that matches your outfit. The other day at the beach, I met a cute lady swagging around the shore with an ankara bucket hat. It got me tripping! I had to get mine the very next week.
Keep up with the trend. Get it!