7 ways to rekindle your love life


Have your love life suddenly dropped since you started having kids? Do you sometimes remember the first day you met your spouse, how do you feel, is it same now? Do you still feel that bloom you had during your dating period? What about those times when you laughed and hit each other with pillow, and steal glances at one another, do you still do the same now? What about those moments when you can’t stay a day without putting a call across? Is that feeling still there? Do you feel you are no longer compatible and everything you once shared is beginning to fall apart?
Maybe, you two live in same room, use same bathroom and toilet but are more like roommates than romantic lovers. Maybe you are caught up with work, taking care of the kids and paying the bills or that smartphone has stolen your company. You think the spark is no longer there. Whatever maybe the cause of the drift, below are suggested ways of how to rekindle your love life.
1.      Sleep together
When I say sleep together, I don’t mean just lying on the bed together or making love. I mean sleeping in one another’s arm (cuddle up). There are basically different sleeping positions and sleeping skin- to skin is one that couples should learn to adopt. Sleeping together shouldn’t just be during sex, when you touch skin- to skin, you get a little chemical rush from the brain that helps trigger a love feeling. Although one can’t say if there is any dissatisfaction of sleeping separately but a little cuddle in bed might do the magic.
2. Limit the use of technology
Nothing kills communication more than loss of attention. Couples have become so addicted to technological gadgets that they hardly pay attention to one another. Before bedtime, couples who should cuddle up in bed and whisper sweet words to each other, find themselves lost with their phones, either looking up friends on Facebook, checking their mails, twitting, chatting or even watching television. They have less or no time to communicate, to curb this, try and cut out phones and television during mealtimes and bedtime. Create a time to use them so you can have time for one another.
3.      Flirt with each other
Flirting with each other shouldn’t stop after you two are married or have had children. Rather than having clothes on all the time, try being nude and play with each other’s body. There is no bonding as fun as this, while doing this, have a glass of wine or something equivalent. Chase one another around the room away from the kids, share physical contacts together just like it use to be before. Before you leave for work, plant a nice kiss on that forehead. A few seconds hug can trigger a lot of sweet feelings longing all through the day. Give him/her a little love under the table at breakfast, steal a passionate kiss in the kitchen when the kids aren’t looking or flash him when you’re getting dressed in the morning. It’s fun and definitely arousing.
4.      Recharge your sex life
Sex is a very important aspect of marriage. Its very understandable as work and kids seems to have eaten up the whole time meant for bonding. But couples can still find time to have sex more often. You don’t have to wait for a particular time to do it. When two partners are madly in love, sex can happen anytime, anywhere but once your family starts to grow, afternoon romps in the kitchen and naked Sundays in bed become just a faded memory. To overcome this, set your alarm and wake up early in the morning, you two might be sleepy but a little foreplay can do the magic and you two will smile your way through the day. If the normal sex can’t work, a little quickie in the morning before setting out to work can also help. Make the kids go to bed on time, do all the chores before dark, get a babysitter while you have a nice time out during the weekend.
5.      Do the chores together
Rather than sit in the sitting room watching football or browsing through your phone for football scores, why not lend her a helping hand in the kitchen. Help prepare the kids for school while you do this together, chat; tell each other stories and share information. Tell each other how your day went and the plans for the week. It’s actually fun and very rewarding.
6.      Compliment each other
When you begin to complain and get irritated at each other’s conducts, finding fault at the slightest provocation, it reveals your marriage is losing the sparks. Remember how it used to be before you married, nothing he/she does provokes you. Learn to compliment one another’s effort. Like when she does your laundry or he helps you around the house, saying ‘thank you’ means a lot. Often tell one another how you appreciate being a part of their life. Send them love texts while and work and don’t forget to say ‘ I love you’ as often as you can.
7.      Take a vacation
Work and taking care of the kids could be so tasking that they intrude into love relationship between couples. Remember that when your children are grown, you two will be left alone; as they will all go their separate ways. If you have a sibling or family member around, keep the kids with them, take a weekend off and rekindle your love. Honeymoon shouldn’t be a one-time thing, do it as often as you can.