Appearances at the TW Mag 10thyear Anniversary Party


Today’s Woman (tw) Magazine is a glamorous, yet wholesome, self- improvement magazine for today’s total woman. A typical description of Today’s Woman according to tw magazine;

  • a female between 25 and 60 years old
  • She is well educated and is engaged in some form of employment either in a self-owned business or as a mid to senior manager level employee in major organizations
  • She is savvy glamorous and well read, always seeking new ideas she can expose herself to, to improve her well-being
  • She is very confident, creative and contemporary in her outlook
  • She is today’s woman!

Ok, so now that we have an idea of what Today’s Woman is, I’ll move on to discuss what the party is all about.

Today’s Woman (tw) Magazine has been around for a while and they recently celebrated their 10th Anniversary in Victoria Island, Lagos NIGERIA. TW Magazine berthed in Lagos on September 2007 and has a national circulation today with a print run of five thousand (5,000) copies every month, and a high pass-on rate.

TW Magazine has 100 glossy pages of Health & Wellness, Relationships, Proudly Nigerian Fashion, Food, Career, Money, In-depth Stories and Interviews. Celebrities, real heroes and national figures of interest trust us with their stories, which are truly inspirational. So we attended, and got a gallery of appearances at the party… check out the photos.

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