Back pain: You might be doing it to yourself

I have heard many people complain about back pain. In fact I’m sure you have friends who even takes pills for it. Back pain could be very painful but many of us who don’t have or have not suffered from it don’t know how the pain could be. The pain however is often self-induced knowingly or unknowingly and at other times symptoms of an ailment.
Causes of Back pain

Your back comprises of bones, nerves, muscles and joints and so the cause of your back pain could be difficult to ascertain. While some might be a result of a medical condition or symptoms to an ailment, the pain can result from simple everyday activities like
# Bending awkwardly for a long period
# Carrying, lifting, pushing or pulling heavy items
# Slouching in chair
# Excessive exercise
# Sitting for long for instance, while driving or at work
# Over stretching
# Twisting awkwardly
Some medical conditions which could be the cause of you having back pain include
# Cancer
# Spinal fracture
# Slipped disc: this is usually painful, numbness and tingling sensation you experience in your lower back.
# Arthritis: experiencing pain and stiffness in your back could be a symptom.
# Frozen shoulder: if you experience shoulder pain and stiffness which makes it difficult for you to dress, drive or even sleep, you might be having a frozen shoulder.
What then should you do?
If you experience back pain frequently and not necessarily after doing any thing strenuous, you should go see you doctor or a very good physician to ascertain what is wrong. The earlier you know and diagnose the better.‎
The pain also could be a result of your standing, siting posture. So you should check that out and be sure you are doing the right thing. It could also be the result of the type of work your do. The job might be paying you well but nothing can take the place of good health.‎
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