Deodorants: Spray or Roll-on?

Body sprays and roll-on are antiperspirants which have been in use for a long time and today there are numerous different brands of these product from which you can choose from. People use them for generally two reasons. One is to give a more pleasant smell especially for persons who have bad body odour and secondly to prevent sweating.
Your choice of any one of them simply boils down to personal preference. Yemi, a student in University of Lagos says she prefers roll-ons because they are more personal. “Nobody shares a roll-on with you but your spray is for you and your roommates”. Joel, a bank executive however detests roll-ons; “I prefers a spray because it dries immediately and makes me more comfortable”. Sandra, a model says “I use only sprays because I can apply them on any part of my body unlike the roll-on that is more comfortable for the armpit”. But Zainab is of a different opinion; “I have difficulty breathing in a room where spray is used so I purchase strictly roll-ons”. ‎It’s different strokes for different folks. So which one are you comfortable with?
Note:when choosing the brand of body spray whether it is Nivea, Axe, Gillette, Rexona, Dove, Havoc, Addidas, Sure or other signature smells, check the label to ensure it is one which doesn’t contain chlorofluorocarbon which is dangerous to you body and the environment. Because roll-ons don’t dry up like sprays, they usually react with sweat to create yellowish stains on clothing and could be tough to come off.
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