Fashion and Beauty Talk: An interview with Ikwo ‘Superfecta’ Ndiomu




Have you ever heard of the Superfecta?


Then you know why Ikwo Ndiomu is the toast of the Fashion world, not only in Nigeria but also all over the world. She has been to the biggest Fashion Shows, attended major beauty events and actively blogs where she keeps are teeming fans updated with the latest local and international fashion news as well as free fashion tips and tutorials.

Ikwo is a buxom Fashionista, Blogger, Stylist & Designer extraordinaire and there was no dull moment as she shared her style, fashion essentials and tips with us.


St.Eve Magazine: What/Who inspired the creation of and what motivates you to keep going during the good and bad times? 


Ikwo Ndiomu: I have loved fashion since about the age of 15 but didn’t know how to pursue that desire as the fashion industry was really non-existent. I also love writing (I’m working on a novel) and dispensing advice (whether it’s wanted or not :)) so I decided to put all 3 together and start a blog. I had some time on my hands after leaving the Investment Banking industry where my career had been focused on since getting my first degree, and decided to focus it on my first love. The fact that this is a long time coming and my aim was simply to focus on my passion has kept me going, even when it seems I’m not getting the readership engagement I desire.


St.Eve Magazine: If you were to start all over again, what would you do differently?

Ikwo Ndiomu: To be honest, not much except maybe read more blogs and study the nitty gritty of managing a blog / website. I have no coding or web development skills so I’ve had to learn as I blog; it’s been fun. My blog was launched last year so I’d say I haven’t really had much chance to have regrets. I’m just getting started and having fun.


St.Eve Magazine: Your personal style in three words.

Ikwo Ndiomu: COMFORTABLE (most important to me), ECLECTIC AND ELEGANT




St.Eve Magazine: What should every woman own?

Ikwo Ndiomu: Hmmnh! Tough one since we are all so different…….. Since I have to pick, I’d say………Statement Jewelry. Irrespective of your skin tone, size, shape, mood, bad hair day; Statement Jewelry can make you look less like a mad woman, can elevate the most casual outfit and can make you stand out. It doesn’t have to be gold (I have like 1 gold set and it’s cheap and over 10 years old); I prefer good quality costume jewelry. You can get different mimic stones, unusual material or gold / silver-toned rhodium for a tenth of the price of real gold and you don’t stand the chance of being ripped off with fake jewelry or paying exorbitant prices because you want to be sure you’re getting the real deal.


I am currently loving Karen Millen this season and a little-known designer I met at SCOOP in London. I picked up a few of her pieces last week and I’ve been asked where I got them. Awesome designs!


St.Eve Magazine: What are your three fashion essentials?


Ikwo Ndiomu: Another tough one. Top 3 would be

– Great Face cream with good UV protection. Our face is a canvas that’s only accentuated by make up (or at least, that should be the case). We need to take care of it. Great skin means you can put lip gloss and be done as far as make up goes, yet look like you spent a while primping. I currently use “Youth Code” Serum Intense and Face Moisturizer by L’Oreal. We all need to find what works for our skin types and go with it. For some it’s as simple as shea butter or vaseline.

– Moisturising Lip Gloss. I hate it when my lips get dried out and I definitely don’t like wearing lipstick all the time. With lip gloss, it’s apply and go plus it needs next to no precision when applying (as opposed to lipstick)

– A great bra – Forget the clothes….if the bra ain’t right, chances are the clothes won’t fit properly. A good bra can make a hitherto drab T-shirt and jeans look awesome; it’s really a woman’s best friend (right above diamonds). Statistics show that 80% of women wear the wrong bra. Get fitted yearly and change your stash that often too. It’s a revelation.




St.Eve Magazine: What piece of clothing do you spend your money on the most? Why?

Ikwo Ndiomu: You guessed it….bras.

Before I found out their importance and where I could shop for my size, it was tops; I could never get the perfect fit (in tops, I mean) so bought whenever I saw them with the result that only have or less, looked good on me.

Now I spend tons on bras……lingerie in general.


St.Eve Magazine: What are some of the strangest fashions you have seen?

Ikwo Ndiomu: What immediately comes to mind is a runway show by Rick Owens at Paris Fashion Week last year. He had the male models walk the runway with their private parts sticking out. It was disgusting.

Something less revolting but still quite out there would be Alexander McQueen’s weird shoes which he used on his show in 2009:


They were also at the “Savage Beauty” Exhibition which got rave reviews at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and closed a few days ago.

He has some weird ideas sometimes; I understand he’s often trying to make a statement with his fashion but still….. He’s made the list of top 10 most bizarre shoes.

Thankfully, not too many people have tried to actually wear them. Lady Gaga has but hey! It’s Lady Gaga.


St.Eve Magazine: What colors do you think look good on you?

Ikwo Ndiomu: Personally, I think my most complimentary colors are

– Red

– White (which I don’t wear often because, well, I have kids…..enough said)

– Olive Green

– Yellow

Funny enough, my favourite color is black so I have tried to consciously move away from everything black over the past few years.


St.Eve Magazine: If you had to start your wardrobe from scratch, what 5 things would you go and buy straight away?

Ikwo Ndiomu: – Platform, wooden, block heel, leather sandals. Leather would be coloured light brown or nude. They would go with anything.

– Fitted, straight cut black corduroy pants. Not stretch, fitted. Again, these would go with anything. Formal, casual, funky and I wouldn’t look like I was wearing my younger sister’s trousers.

– Loosely fitted, white cotton shirt.

– Yellow, patterned (more flowery than geometric), midi length circle skirt. I saw one by Coast the other day. I’m in love.

– Gold-plated rhodium and white cuff / jewelry set by Karen Millen. See the picture and tell me you’re not in love:


She’s got them in other colors too:



– I know you said 5 but the very last is a white, smooth (or very little raised embellishments) balconette bra. Can be worn under the white shirt or other clothing.


St.Eve Magazine: Describe a perfect day. 

Ikwo Ndiomu: Cooking for my family, maybe at a BBQ grill, outside, watching my children run around while laughing very hard.

I love watching my children smile and laugh. They are the cutest children in the world. It also helps that I love to cook and do so moderately well….or so I’m told by my husband. 🙂

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