Getting your body in good shape


To get your body in good shape demands a lot of dedication, hard work and it is a continuous ‎process; something you begin and you shouldn’t stop for any reason. With family, work, school and other stuffs in the picture, your body can slip out of shape. All you need however are some exercise, more attention to your diet and a few improved living habits. ‎ 1.My first advise is to get yourself registered in a very good gym around your home. I said a very good gym because you have to be monitored by an instructor who is a professional. The instructor would put you on programmes that would fulfil the desired improvement on your body that you need. You can lift weights, dance, swim, jog, skip and do various aerobic exercises like chest press, leg press, seated row and overhead press. Exercises help you burn fat, helps you improve your body fitness and helps you feel agile and young. 2.Make it a part of your daily routine to have a 25-30 minutes brisk walk. Using your car or getting a taxi or motorcycle to drop you off might be much more comfortable after a long day but trust me, you need that walk. It helps improve your cardiovascular (heart) health, helps in stress management and also weight loss. 3.Get rid of processed food, reduce your consumption of sugar, white flour and instead, take more of fruits, water, whole grains and vegetables. It is also important that when you eat you don’t stuff yourself with food. Instead of eating until you are full, you should eat until you are no longer hungry. 4.Finally, you should enlist the help of your family or close friends. Encouragement and support goes a long way in helping one go through these sort of activities. They can provide motivation when you are feeling discouraged and they can remind you when you forget. Better still, you can involve everyone so you don’t feel like you are alone. This is however a good avenue for family bonding. There you have it, just four points that could help you be as pretty, sexy, fresh and agile as you were when you were younger. With your body in shape, you would do justice to anything you wear be it a Suit or Gown, a Shirt or Blouse, a Skirt or Trouser. I’m off to the gym, are you coming?