Trends: Dashiki Outfit

‎For the ladies, if you don’t own a dashiki outfit you are definitely out of order. The walkways, streets and office hallways are brimming with beautiful cuts of dashiki with different designs and prints. There however various styles to make a statement with a Dashiki.
Some Dashiki are long‎ enough to get to your thighs so you could elect to put on a lovely jean bump short or a tight pant trouser depending on the occasion. Others however extent just above your knees and you could wrap a matching belt at your waist and you have a pretty dashiki gown.
The most recent trend however is the Dashiki Agbada‎. This is actually an outfit that is the fusion of Dashiki and Agbada designs. The Dashiki trend haas definitely stepped a notch up with its acceptance spreading way beyond the shores of Africa where it has its origin. They have become items displayed on international runways and even rocked by top celebrities around the world from musicians to actors and models. Here are a few Dashiki cuts you might like.
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