Why wash Fruit, Veges before eating

Fruits are important to having a healthy body and Doctors do not fail to sing to patients to take an apple or banana everyday. Fruits are rich in vitamins and nutrients needed by out body to keep fresh, energised and even heal. There are a number of fruit therapies for people who are obese, have cancer and those with cardiovascular diseases.
Even at eating these natural medicines and golden health treasures, we could be doing our selves more harm knowingly or unknowingly. Before that fresh cabbage, tomatoe , apple or carrot got to your chopping board, it has gone through human contact, soil contact and preservatives used while packaging it. Germs, bacteria and dangerous chemicals could be present on the fruit and you run the risk of consuming them if they are not properly clean. What are the risks of not washing your fruits before eating?

1. Washing your fruits before eating them helps reduce infection from microorganisms which could cause sickness. Dirt can harbour pathogens E. coli that live in the stomach of warm blooded animals. Bacteria like listeria could be harboured in dirt and this bacteria causes food poisoning

2. Washing would help remove residues of pesticides and fertilizers still on the fruit. The effect of pesticides could be detrimental to one’s health, cause developmental disorder and also birth defects.
Haven known these, how to you wash your vegetables and fruits before eating?
# A good old rinse under running water would do the trick.
# First, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before rinsing produce.
# Avoid using soap or detergent to wash your fruits or vegetables.
# Fruits or produce with a lot of nook and crannies should be soaked in cold clean water for up to 2 minutes.
# Whether you buying the vegetables or fruits from the local market, in traffic, supermarket or food store make sure you wash before consumption.
# Once you cut or peel the produce, ensure you refrigerate.
# After washing, dry with clean paper towel.
# Please do not buy already cut produce or fruit that is not refrigerated. Many of us fall the victim of subscribing to pineapples, apples, pawpaw that are sliced and sold in traffic but why not buy the whole uncut fruit, take home, clean well before you eat.
Eat a fruit or two each day but make sure it’s clean first. It is important to stay healthy. ‎
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